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Chicken pilaf – how to cook?

Toyuq plov - chicken pilaf

Chicken pilaf is one of the many versions of pilaf popular in Azerbaijan. There are different ways of preparing chicken with rice pilaf in Azerbaijan. We give below a recipe in which the chicken is steamed together with the rice. Preparation time: 60 min Cooking time: 40-45 min Serves: 6-7

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Bean pilaf with fish – Chilov pilaf

Chilov pilaf - bean pilaf with fish

Rice with beans and fish is one of the many versions of pilaf in Azerbaijan. It is usually prepared on the last Tuesday before the Novruz spring holiday. The first day of Novruz falls on the spring equinox, the day when the hours of daylight equal those of darkness. The …

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Meatballs in broth – Кofta bozbash

Кofta bozbash - meatballs in broth

Meatballs are popular across the Caucasus and Middle East. The Azerbaijani variety, kofta bozbash, are large, hearty meatballs of minced lamb and rice with a zesty dried plum surprise in the middle. They are usually served in a meat-based stock with vegetables and chickpeas. The name kofta bozbash is a …

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Yoghurt and herb soup – Dovga

Dovga - Yoghurt and herb soup

Dovga is a soup made from plain yoghurt and herbs, which can be served warm in winter or refreshingly cold in summer. A variety of herbs are used in dovga, according to taste. Coriander, dill and mint are mainstays of the soup. Chervil and mountain parsley, when available, make a …

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Lamb stew with chickpeas – Piti

Piti - lamb stew with chickpeas

Piti, a lamb stew with chickpeas, is popular across Azerbaijan and especially in the north-western town of Sheki. Piti is a type of bozbash or meat broth. Long, slow cooking is the secret to a good piti. Traditionally, piti is cooked in individual earthenware pots and tipped out of the …

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Chicken with eggs – Toyug chigirtmasi

The word chigirtma (çığırtma) in the name of a dish means that it includes eggs. Toyug chigirtmasi or chicken with eggs is popular across Azerbaijan. It can be baked in the oven or prepared on the stove top. Preparation time: 30 min Cooking time: 35 min Serves: 3-4 Ingredients

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Aubergine caviar – Badimjan kurusu

Badimjan kurusu -

Aubergines (eggplants), tomatoes and onions grow in abundance in Azerbaijan in summer. Aubergine caviar is a tasty way of preserving this summer produce for the cold winter months. While this aubergine paste is primarily a way of preserving aubergines, it can also be eaten freshly made with bread or salad. …

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