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Uzeyir Hajibayov: a musical pioneer

Uzeyir Hacibeyov

“Every nation wants its composers to write in a language that is close to them, in their native musical language, although this is very difficult.” These are the words of Uzeyir Hajibayov, the founder of Azerbaijani written music and author of the first opera in the East. Hajibayov was close …

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Azerbaijan, land of delicious foods

“Nush Olsun!” (“Bon Appetite!”) begins every meal time in Azerbaijan with rich and delicious national cuisine, delighting both soul and flesh. Azerbaijanis cordially invite their guests to try the national cuisine which they are very proud of. Restaurants and cafes all over the country offer a variety of national meals, …

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Azerbaijan cuisine

Since in Azerbaijan there are 9 of 11 existing climatic zones, the nature has clearly taken care of us by providing our country with most diverse and tasteful fruits, vegetables and herbs, which are used in making different meals… A famous Azerbaijani gastrologist Tair Amiraslanov believes that Azerbaijani cuisine is …

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What is Mugham?


The word mugham is used to designate a specialized style of music attributed to the Azerbaijani people of the Caucasus mountain range and nearby territories by that name. Mugham is generally recognized as a derivative of another specialised style of music attributed to the Persians, known there as dastgah. In …

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