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Milk sherbet

Südlü şərbəti - Milk sherbet

Milk sherbet is an interesting variation on the Azerbaijani sherbet, which is more commonly made from fruit. Milk sherbet is served at the end of a meal in Azerbaijan or to welcome guests. Recipes for two versions of milk sherbet are given below: one is a simple, sweet milk drink, …

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Azerbaijan Salad | Azərbaycan salatı

Azərbaycan salatı - Azerbaijan Salad

Azerbaijan enjoys a summer abundance of tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and other fresh ingredients. Not surprisingly, salads are a popular side dish or starter at many Azerbaijani meals. Tomatoes and cucumbers are the mainstay of summer salads, combined in this recipe with spring onions, radishes and a sour cream dressing. Preparation …

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Green beans with garlic

Sarımsaqla göy lobya - Green beans with garlic

Green beans with garlic are a tasty dish, easy to prepare. Served with crusty fresh bread, they make a light, healthy lunch, while traditionally they are served as an accompaniment to other dishes. Preparation time: 20 mins Cooking time: 5 hours (including cooling time) Serves: 3-4 as a side salad

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Vinegret – Beetroot and bean salad

Vinegret - Beetroot and bean salad

Vinegret is a substantial, beautifully pink salad of beetroot, pickled cabbage and cucumbers, popular across the entire former Soviet Union The name of the salad should not be confused with the term vinaigrette which has entered the English language with its French meaning of a dressing of oil and vinegar. …

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Baked kutum

Qızardılmış kütüm - Baked kutum

Kutum is a white fish unique to the Caspian which lends itelf well to baking in the oven. Traditionally, kutum is baked in a tendir or stone oven, but a modern oven will do the job too. If you cannot get hold of kutum, use another type of round fish, …

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Cabbage salad

Kələm salatı - Cabbage salad

Azerbaijani cuisine has a rich variety of salads, from a simple combination of tomatoes and cucumbers to the more complex “vinegret”. Salads based on white cabbage are enjoyed all year round, but are especially popular in winter, when other salad ingredients are not so readily available. There are different variations …

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Tomato and cucumber salad – Çoban salatı

Çoban salatı - Tomato and cucumber salad

Çoban salatı, which translates as “shepherd’s salad”, is a classic Azerbaijani salad, found in many homes and restaurants over the summer. The key to a good tomato and cucumber salad is to make it an hour before serving, so that the flavours can develop. Preparation time: 20-25 min Serves: 3-4

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