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The conquest of Northern Azerbaijan by Russia

At the result of struggle among Azerbaijan khanates and intensification pretends of neighbourhood states to Azerbaijan, the internal and international circumstances of Azerbaijan became strained at the beginning of the 19th century. There led feudal strife in Azerbaijan, expansive intensions of powerful neighbourhood states much more increased and they wanted …

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Foreign policy of Khanates

The statehood of Azerbaijan was restorated with the formation of khanates. This was proved with the independent foreign policy, which was conducted by khans. But khanates were weak from military-political viewpoint. Local strife weakened them much. That is why, khanates shaped relations with Iran, Turkey, Russia and Kartli-Cakhetia, did their …

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The Azerbaijan Khanates

The Azerbaijan statehood was restored in the half of the 18th century. There was established the line of state entities-feudal khanates in the struggle against Iranian authority in the territory of Azerbaijan. It is important to mention that the first khanates had shaped in the first half of the 18th …

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Azerbaijan under the reign of Nadir Shah Afshar

The restoration of Iranian reign in Azerbaijan during Nadir Shah’s (1736-1747) authority was not simple. Nadir Shah had to suppress uprisings in Azerbaijan and Daghestan for many times. In 1738, there occurred an outbreak of the union of “liberal communities” of Car, which was established in North-Western Azerbaijan in 16th-17th …

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