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Azerbaijani alumina reaches Tajikistan

An alternative route for the supply of raw materials from Azerbaijan to Tajikistan for the needs of the Tajik Aluminum Company (TALKO) has been established, the Tajik embassy in Azerbaijan told Trend on October 5. This route implies deliveries from Azerbaijan through Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to Tajikistan and thus …

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Why Azerbaijan needs a Strategic Reform of its foreign policy towards the European Union?

Europen Union and Azerbaijan

Introduction In 2015 Azerbaijan has experienced substantial economic difficulties due to its dependence on oil exports and the drop of the oil prices, which eventually forced the Azerbaijani govermenment to devaluate its national currency. The fall in oil prices is essentially influencing the incomes and venture prospects, thus taking a toll on the …

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The Economy of Azerbaijan in 2015

GDP per capital and dynamics

Introduction In 2015, the expansion of the US economy accompanied with improved employment rates led the FED to switch to contractionary monetary policy. On the other hand, the second largest economic power-China encountered a lower long-term economic growth rate with a fall in exports, and thereby adversely affecting global economic activity. Moreover, the …

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Insurance companies are trying not to raise their charges despite an increase in costs caused by devaluation The fall in oil prices and the reduction in the exchange rate have impacted on virtually all areas of Azerbaijan’s financial sector. However, even in such difficult circumstances, the insurance market has generally …

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The drop in the value of the manat is creating fresh opportunities for the private sector in that it is preventing a drastic rise in prices. A two-fold devaluation of the manat in 2015 has undoubtedly made a ne-gative impact on household incomes and consumer prices.

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