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Azerbaijan and Turkey: the light and shade of ‘Turkish’ brotherhood

Turkey-Azerbaijan brotherhood

Theses 1. Turkey and Azerbaijan have very close relations for cultural and economic reasons. The only thing that could worsen Turkish-Azerbaijani relations in the future is an improvement of relations between Turkey and Armenia, which is very unlikely. 2. Turkish-Azerbaijani relations have become increasingly pragmatic since the Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline was built. Turkey’s energy security and its …

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Multilateral relation of Azerbaijan Republic

Azerbaijan – United Nations Cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the United Nations was established soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union and after Azerbaijan restored its independence. The Republic of Azerbaijan was admitted into the United Nations on March 2, 1992 and the Permanent Mission of the Republic …

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Why do we need global governance?

The term global governance became popular in the political and international academic arena in late 1990s. (Biermann, Pattberg, 2012) In their book Biermann and Pattberg introduce the concept of global governance: the notion of the term, the scope of its usage and three core elements that differentiates the new term …

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Post-revolutionary state building in Ukraine and Georgia

Rose Revolution Georgia

Introduction Corruption is organized, common and highly institutionalized element in post-soviet countries. In these countries both governmental officials and citizens are corrupted and give and get bribe in favor of their problems, work. Informal rules and norms are more powerful than laws and formal rules between public and private sectors, …

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