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Articles about social life in Azerbaijan

Public Sector Reform


  Gunay Hasanova – MA in International Affairs and Diplomacy «Situational Analysis of Higher Education in Azerbaijan after the 1992 Reform » Abstract The main purpose of this paper is to shed light on the educational system of Azerbaijan after the reforms done in 1992 by Ministry of Education and …

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Star Ambassador of Baku-2017 Islamic Games performed “Hello Baku- Anthem of Volunteers” together with volunteers

Baku-2017 Games volunteers and star ambassador of the Games Tunzala Aghayeva performed “Hello Baku- Anthem of Volunteers” together. Lyrics of “Hello Baku- Anthem of Volunteers” were written by Director of Baku-2017 Games Operating Committee Elchin Safarov and music was written by Star Ambassador Tunzala Aghayeva; it is the first song …

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Azerbaijan – vivid example of multicultural humanistic values and traditions in the Caucasus

he restoration of independence allowed the Azerbaijan Republic to confidently develop along the path  of  building  a  democratic,  sovereign,  law-governed  and  secular  state.  Both  throughout  its  long history and at present,  Azerbaijan  has  been  striving to maintain good neighborly relations with all states and give a new impetus to intercultural …

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Baku’s Seaside Boulevard – Then and Now

Baku’s Seaside Boulevard

Baku’s much-loved ‘Bulvar’ has been central to city life for well over a hundred years. Originally occupying just a few hundred metres from today’s Puppet Theatre to Azneft Square, the historic Boulevard has gradually lengthened and in early June 2015 witnessed its most dramatic expansion to date, with the newly …

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Mahammad Sadig bay Agabayzada

On the fate of the deputy interior minister of the ADR, Oriental sciences scholar Mahammad Sadig bay Agabayzada, and his relatives under Soviet rule. During the 70 years of Soviet rule any mention of his name in Azerbaijan was taboo. Even his closest relatives, who were able to see him and …

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Non-democratic regimes

democrasy vs dictatorship

The subtle line between what it is and what it should be We accept all “good and new” things from West and they are directly trying to be applied all over the world as benchmark. All seek to implement them without trying to personalize. It is undeniable that people see …

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