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Azerbaijani oil

The speedy development of modern civilization would be impossible without a major fuel and energy resources such as oil and gas. Azerbaijan is an oil-rich country possessing resources of hydrocarbon raw materials and has the richest history of its development and utilization. Currently research of the history of Azerbaijan’s oil …

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private sector

Azerbaijan has increased the state budget’s parameters for 2016, despite projected oil prices having decreased by half The fall in global oil prices and the devaluation of the national currency give new urgency to the issue of the Azerbaijani government’s response to these new challenges. The administration ended up adjusting …

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Azerbaijan after advent of islam

The advent of Islam in 7th century was a decisive turning point in the history of Azerbaijan. The religion of Islam gave strong impetus to the creation of a single nation with a single language in Azerbaijan. Acceptance of Islam had a significant impact on acceleration of the unification of …

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Azerbaijan from ancient times to the advent of islam

Azerbaijan is surrounded by the Greater Caucasus Mountains in the north, by Alagoz ranges in the west including Gokche Lake and Eastern Anatolia as well, Caspian Sea in the east and Sultaniye-Zenjan- Hamadan frontiers in the south. Azerbaijan is one of the oldest spots of civilization, a country with a …

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Chronology of Azerbaijan

1 million 500 thousand – 1 million 200 thousand years ago – much more initial traces of primary human in the territory of Azerbaijan. Guruchay culture. 1 million 200 thousand – 1 million years BC – the beginning of primary human – beings settling in Azikh cave. 400-350 thousand years …

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Culture, science and sport in new Azerbaijan

The restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan shaped opportunities for intensive development of culture, formation of national ideology and extension of international connections. There began acting “Permanent Soviet of the Ministers of Culture of Turkish- spoken countries” in the mid of 1992, its executive organ- “Turksoy” in 1993. In 1996, …

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Socio-economic and political development 2003-2008

After great historical individual as Heydar Aliyev, who succeeded stability in internal life and realized exact foreign political strategy, at the result of which Azerbaijan achieved high-level development of economy, policy, science and culture there was not easy to become the leader of the State. This mission could be continued …

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