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Falling Oil Prices and Its Implications for Azerbaijan’s Gas Policy

Caspian oil platform

  On February 23, Azerbaijan’s parliament adopted amendments to the state budget to adjust down expected budget revenues based on oil price estimates of as low as $25 per barrel (, February 23). Initially, the State Budget for 2016 projected oil at $50–55/barrel (Trend, September 14, 2015). On January 10, …

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The Economy of Azerbaijan in 2015

GDP per capital and dynamics

Introduction In 2015, the expansion of the US economy accompanied with improved employment rates led the FED to switch to contractionary monetary policy. On the other hand, the second largest economic power-China encountered a lower long-term economic growth rate with a fall in exports, and thereby adversely affecting global economic activity. Moreover, the …

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Besh Barmagh mountain

The ancient land of Azerbaijan is steeped in history and folklore and discovering the country’s superstitions can be a lot of fun. To get you started Visions has explored several sites where locals and travellers are welcome to come and make their dreams come true… The Church of Kish It’s …

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