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Mixed fruit sherbet -Meyvə şərbəti

Meyvə şərbəti - Mixed fruit sherbet

An Azerbaijani sherbet (şərbət) is a refreshing, cooling drink made from fruit, sugar and water. The word sherbet comes from the Persian sharbat, itself an adaptation of the Arabic for drink, sharab. Sherbet entered the English language as sorbet, which is now more of an iced dessert or palate cleanser …

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Rice soup with cornelian cherries- Zogalli duyu shorbasi

Zogalli duyu shorbasi - Rice soup with cornelian cherries

Cornelian cherries, or cornels, are widespread across the Caucasus and southern Russia. They add a fruity tang to this simple soup. Rice soup with Cornelian cherries (zoğallı düyü şorbası) can be made with meat or vegetable stock. Chickpeas can be added to make a more filling soup. Preparation time: 30 …

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Green bean soup -Göy lobya bozbaşı

Göy lobya bozbaşı - Green bean soup

This simple soup is a tasty way of using the runner beans that grow in abundance in Azerbaijan in summer. If meat stock is not used, green bean soup is suitable for vegetarians. Preparation time: 30 mins Cooking time: 30 min Serves: 4-6

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Onion and chestnut soup – Soğan bozbaşı

Soğan bozbaşı - Onion and chestnut soup

Chestnuts, saffron and dried plums lend this unusual soup a distinctly Azerbaijani flavour. Traditionally, onion bozbash was made with chickpeas, but potatoes are now popular in many Azerbaijani soups and stews. Preparation time: 30 min Cooking time: 30 min Serves: 4-5

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Rose and walnut biscuits |Gülablı qovut

Gülablı qovut - Rose and walnut biscuits

These biscuits (cookies) of roasted wheat with walnuts are served on special occasions, especially at the Novruz spring holiday. Rosewater, cinnamon, saffron and coriander seeds give these biscuits a distinctive Azerbaijani flavour. Preparation time: 50 min Cooking time: 15 mins Serves: 5-6

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Lamb with saffron – Havaskar qovurmasi

Havaskar qovurmasi - Lamb with saffron

This dish combines two classic Azerbaijani ingredients, lamb and saffron, while two more, chestnuts and pomegranates, are an optional extra. The word “qovurma” in the name of a dish (“kavurma” in Turkish) means that it contains fried or roast meat. The full name of this dish – həvəskar qovurması – …

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Smoked fish and herb omelette

Baliq kutusu - Smoked fish and herb omelette

Smoked fish adds an extra dimension to Azerbaijan’s herb-packed omelette, known as kuku (kükü). Kutum (kütüm), a 2-4 kg white fish unique to the Caspian, is traditionally used in this recipe. Another popular type of smoked fish for kuku is chub mackerel (scomber colias), which, unlike kutum, does not require …

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