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History of the Nagorno-Karabakh Region of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Nagorno-Karakbakh map

The history of Karabakh is rooted in an antiquity, and it is one of the historic provinces of Azerbaijan, an important political, culturel, and spiritual center. Territorial claims of the Armenians against the Azerbaijani people and Azerbaijan are the main reasons for the so-called “Karabakh problem”. Karabakh was inalienable part …

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Religion in Azerbaijan

General information about religion in Azerbaijan The religions of Azerbaijan comprise different religious trends spread among the people and ethnic groups residing in the country. There are several confessions in Azerbaijan. Approximately 95% of the population of Azerbaijan is Muslim. The rest of the population adheres to other faiths or …

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Population of Azerbaijan

Population of Azerbaijan has been estimated at 9593,0 thousand people as of beginning of 2015, with its high majority being in the productive age of between 15 and 64 years. With the population age averaging at 27.7 Azerbaijan has quite young, vibrant and dynamic population. Positive population growth rate of 0.66% (as of …

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Nature of Azerbaijan

1. Climate In the plains the summer is hot and dry, autumn is warm and rainy, winter is cool and in spring the weather is irregular. In the mountains there are strong contrasts between wind-free slopes and those exposed to sun and wind. These are the general climatic characteristics of Azerbaijan, which …

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Territory of Azerbijan

Territory of Azerbaijan

Article 11 Territory (1) The territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan is sole, inviolable and indivisible. (2) Internal waters of the Republic of Azerbaijan, sector of the Caspian Sea (lake) belonging to the Republic of Azerbaijan, air space over the Republic of Azerbaijan are integral parts of the territory of the Republic …

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Azerbaijan flag

The Azerbaijan Republic (Azərbaycan Respublikasi) is a legally constituted, secular republic. The state administration is conducted through the principle of the division of powers: legislative, executive and judicial. The President is the Head of State and implements the policies decided democratically for the exercise of executive power. The President is elected by direct …

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National emblem of Azerbaijan

1. (Constitution article) Article 23. I. State symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be: the Republic of Azerbaijan Flag, the Republic of Azerbaijan Emblem, and the Republic of Azerbaijan National Anthem. II. The Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall consist of three wide stripes. The upper stripe shall be of …

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