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Post-revolutionary state building in Ukraine and Georgia

Rose Revolution Georgia

Introduction Corruption is organized, common and highly institutionalized element in post-soviet countries. In these countries both governmental officials and citizens are corrupted and give and get bribe in favor of their problems, work. Informal rules and norms are more powerful than laws and formal rules between public and private sectors, …

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Traffic congestion – the nightmare of Baku

Abstract This paper studies the traffic congestion problem in Baku which has both negative economic and social impacts. I will particularly discuss the most important and significant reasons for jams in my paper. Despite some measures and actions are taken by government, the traffic problem is still serious and cannot …

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Azerbaijan Increases Gas Production for Export

Gas, oil caspian sea

On June 3, the president of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), Rovnag Abdullayev, said that by the 2020s, gas production in Azerbaijan will reach around 40 billion cubic meters per year (bcm/a) (, June 3), from the current level of 30 bcm in 2015, according to the …

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