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Tava kebabi | Pan kabab

Tava kebabi - Pan kabab

Pan kebab is tasty way of cooking lamb without any need for a barbecue. It could equally well be called oven kebab, as first the meat is fried in a pan, and then baked in the oven. Preparation time: 20-25 min Cooking time: 35-40 min Serves: 2-3

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Onion dolma

Sogan dolmasi - Onion dolma

The term dolma covers a variety of stuffed vegetable dishes, widespread in the Middle East and Mediterranean area. Onion dolma are a tasty winter alternative to stuffed aubergines, tomatoes and peppers. Preparation time: 50 min Cooking time: 30-40 min Serves: 3 to 4

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Quymaq | Flour and butter pudding

Quymaq - Flour and butter pudding

Quymaq is a rich Azerbaijani dessert, high in calories, made from the simplest of ingredients – flour, clarified butter and water. It is traditionally given to mothers who have just given birth and to patients after surgery to keep their strength up. Cinnamon adds a pleasant flavour to quymag and …

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