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Jiz-biz | Fried liver, heart and kidneys

Jiz-biz - Fried liver, heart and kidneys

Jiz-biz is a traditional Azerbaijani dish of fried sheep’s kidneys, liver, heart and lung. Don’t be put off by the thought of offal. This is a tasty and nutritious meal! Potatoes are an optional extra in jiz-biz and a relatively recent addition to the dish. Tomatoes can also be added …

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Girmabadam | Hazelnut brittle

Girmabadam - Hazelnut brittle

The town of Sheki in northwest Azerbaijan is famed for its piti – a lamb stew with chickpeas – and for its sweets. One of the best known Sheki sweets is girmabadam, which is made from almonds or hazelnuts and coriander seeds. Preparation time: 60 min Cooking time: 25-30 min …

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Bamiya | Sticky doughnut fingers

Bamiya - Sticky doughnut fingers

Bamiya are tasty fingers of deep-fried dough, dripping in sticky syrup. Bamya is the Azerbaijani (and also Turkish, Arabic and Persian) name for okra or lady’s finger. These doughnuts got their name from their long, ridged shape, similar to okra seed pods. Preparation time: 40 min Cooking time: 20 min …

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Samani halva | Malted wheat halva

Samani halva, made from malted wheat, can best be described as a spicy, gooey, chewy treat. Also known as Suhan or Isfahan halva, samani halva is believed to have a range of health benefits, including improving circulation and enhancing mood. One samani halva tradition in Azerbaijan is to make halva …

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Fishcakes in broth – Baliq kuftasi

Baliq kuftasi - Fishcakes in broth

Baliq kuftasi are the fish equivalent of kufta bozbash or meatballs in broth. The name kufta or kofte comes from the Persian for “pounding”, as the fish is pounded almost into a paste to make a fish cake. Baliq kuftasi are made from any of the four varieties of Caspian …

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Balva | Mallow soup

Balva - Mallow soup

The soup takes its name from the Azerbaijani for mallow – balva – a wild herb that is widespread in the Caucasus. The mallow makes this a refreshing spring or early summer soup. While other herbs can also be added, traditionally wild mallow and spring onions were used Preparation time: …

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Turşu-sıyıq | Sorrel soup

Turşu-sıyıq - Sorrel soup

Turşu-sıyıq or sorrel soup, made from sorrel, spinach and rice, is a close relative of mallow soup (balva). Sorrel soup is typical of the southern Lankaran area and the Shirvan area near Baku, while mallow soup is more widespread in the north and west of Azerbaijan. The rice gives sorrel …

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