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private sector

Azerbaijan has increased the state budget’s parameters for 2016, despite projected oil prices having decreased by half The fall in global oil prices and the devaluation of the national currency give new urgency to the issue of the Azerbaijani government’s response to these new challenges. The administration ended up adjusting …

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The government intends to support cotton-producers with soft loans and increased technical support. Once well-developed, in recent years cotton-growing has become an outsider within Azerbaijani agriculture. Loss of interest from farmers and omnipresent reduction in the area under cultivation are due to processing plants’ low

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Central bank of Azerbaijan

How to strengthen the system and not to lose customers. The process of economic reform launched in Azerbaijan has the most noticeable impact on the financial and banking sector today. In recent years, the Central Bank has influenced the quality of the banking market by a fivefold increase in the …

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southern gas corridor

Falling oil prices have increased consumer interest in carbon-fuel resources. Although humanity continues to invest in the development of alternative and renewable energy sources, oil and gas will remain popular for the next twenty years. This is the main thesis of an energy survey by company BP for 2035.

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sumqayit technology park

The country’s economic potential will allow consumer goods’ imports to be considerably reduced. The instability on the raw materials markets and the drastic drop in oil prices has led to a deterioration in the world’s economic situation. At the recent conference on the implementation of the state programme for the …

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Azerbaijan’s economic policy in the post-petroleum era

Baku steel company

With extremely unfavourable foreign economic and political conditions, Azerbaijan has the task of developing and carrying out a scientifically-proven, scientifically-based economic policy. The dependence of the national economy on world prices for carbon-fuel resources and the weak export potential of the non-petroleum economy make it vital that professional economists and …

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Basic info about Baku

Baku is the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is a large scientific, cultural and industrial center. Ancient foundations, a large area and population all make Baku one of the oldest and largest cities in the East. People have lived and founded their settlements in Baku  city  and  the  …

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