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Culture in Azerbaijan during Sassanids

Monuments of material culture, construction and decorative applied art represent the level of spiritual development, ideology and artistic taste of the nation. The culture of Azerbaijan in 3rd – 7th centuries was developed in the context of difficult political circumstances. Agricultural development, adoption of Christianity and aspiration of Sassanids to …

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Forms of land properties

There began a new phase of development in the medieval history of Azerbaijan, which major signs were the forms of ownership and land- tenure. This was such period, when in all countries of Mediterranean and Front Asia slavery phase was being destroyed and the signs of new progressive socio-economic formation, …

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Albania in the period of leading Sassanid Marzbanians

Especially, at that period Sasanian Empire was shaken with the movement, led by Mazdak, which historians called and characterized as heretic-mobed, i.e. server of Zoroastrianism. Movement possessed its objective causes, there laid socio-economic demands of the phase on its ground. The population were divided into four stratums. Priests and soldiers, …

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Ancient Albania

At the end of 4th and at the beginning of 3rd centuries there was established one more ancient state at the territory of Azerbaijan and several southern regions of Dagestan – Albania. Albania was bounder with Sarmatia in the North, Iberia in the West, Armenia in the South-West and with …

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The State of Atropatena

There occurred great changes in all territories of Macedonian rule after the death of Alexander the Great, as well as there was shaped the slavery state of Atropatena in the south of Azerbaijan. The territories of Atropatena boundaries with the river of Aras in the North, mountains of Lagros in …

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