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Socio-economic and political development 2003-2008

After great historical individual as Heydar Aliyev, who succeeded stability in internal life and realized exact foreign political strategy, at the result of which Azerbaijan achieved high-level development of economy, policy, science and culture there was not easy to become the leader of the State. This mission could be continued …

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Cultural life of the Soviet Azerbaijan

There was intensified the development of enlightenment and science, literature and art in Azerbaijan in these years. There was applied compulsory 7 years education in 1949, and 8 years education in 1959. There was opened Baku Theatre University (contemporary University of Culture and Art) in 1945, pedagogical Institute of Foreign …

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Southern Azerbaijan during World War II

The World War II influenced to the socio-political life of Iran, as well as Southern Azerbaijan. Although during the World War II Iran officially declared about its neutrality, administrative circles under the leadership of Rza Shah turned the country into the area of activity of German intelligence organs. But the …

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Azerbaijan soldiers on military fronts

From the first days of the war thousands of Azerbaijan peoples bravely fought in the fronts against-fashism. 44 Azerbaijanis, who participated in the defence of Brets fortress, bravely faught till the end of the breath. In December, 1948, junior lieutenant Israfil Mammedov showed braveness in the battles for the village …

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Science and culture in the service of the front

During the war, the figures of science and culture directed all their attempts to the spiritual mobilization of the population for the war. There was created new technology for the production of aviation benzine by the leadership of prominent scientist-Yusif Mammedaliyev. The geologists Mirali Qashgay, Shamil Azizbeyov and others created …

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