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The Soviet State Contruction in Northern Azerbaijan

On April 28, 1920, the Provisional Revolutionary Committee (PRC), which was created by 11 Red Army, proclaimed Azerbaijan the independent Soviet Socialist Republic. PRC confirmed the structure of new government-Soviet of National Comissaries (SNC) of Azerbaijan SSR: N.Narimanov-the chairman of SNC and national comissarie of foreign affairs; Ch.Ildirim-the national comissarie …

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The collapse of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

Stability, which was shaped in internal-political life of Azerbaijan did not last long. There shaped Bolshevic danger over the country. On February 11, 1920, the first Congress of Communist Party of Azerbaijan began to its activity. The Congress directed to the realization of armed state revolution in Azerbaijan. Local Bolsheviks …

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Proclamation of the ADR

The created Transcaucasian Seim on February 23, 1918, had to be the highest authority organ in the South Caucasus. But, since its creation there were serious confrontations among the included fractions-Muslim, Georgian and Armenian fractions to this Seim.   Because   of the   sin of Armenians and Georgians,   these confrontations became strained …

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Azerbaijan Culture at the beginning of the 20th century

At the beginning of the 20th century, the cultural ties of Azerbaijan with other countries extended. Democratic intelligence, which took into account the importance of education and knowledge among nation, conducted great work for the enlargement of enlightenment. The activity of N.Narimanov, U.Hajibeyli, H.Zardabi, Q.Mahmudbeyov, C.Mammedkuluzadeh, M.A.Sabir, S.M.Qanizadeh and others …

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