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Azerbaijan cuisine

From the ancient times till nowadays Azerbaijani cuisine has been considered to be one of the most unique cuisines in the world. It has a big and outstanding range of meals and drinks.

History of traditional Azerbaijani cuisine goes deeply to medieval times. Don’t be surprised, but our country has the biggest amount of long-livers comparing with Europe and USA. It’s all about the real organic food, weather conditions and principles of proper nutrition. That’s what scientists say about this phenomenon. The most sophisticated gourmets come to Azerbaijan from all over the world to taste the world’s famous dishes like “Bozbash”, “Piti”, ”Chikhirtma”, ”Azeri Sweet Plov”, ”Dolma” and for sure the gorgeous “Azeri Kebab”. These meals are simply the beginning of unlimited amount of meals which you can taste here. After tasting all these meals, your relation to the food will be totally changed. You will be surprised by unique flavors and variety of food. This cuisine is distinctive and has its own national character, which manifests itself in the specific cooking techniques and traditions of Azerbaijani cookery.


Composition and multiplicity of dishes is one of the extremely diverse and healthy and is characterized by an abundance of all kinds of meat, fish and vegetable delicacies, complemented by delicate herbs and savory spices. Every dish goes in pair with an organic and fresh mixed salad. So there is no way to eat meat or fish only, and leave the table with a heaven feeling of fullness. All the dishes are perfectly balanced, I mean every piece of meat goes with the freshly picked up veggies. That is absolutely delicious. To be honest with you, dear reader, this country is Gastronomical Heaven.

Below is the number of dishes which we highly recommend you to try during your journey in Azerbaijan.


  • Badimjan Dolmasi (stuffed eggplant with a fried mince)
  • Jiz-Biz (made with fried sheep liver, kidney, lung, heart, and intestines. Each of the ingredients have to be cooked in a specific way using different sorts of techiniques)
  • Turshu Kelem Dolmasi (stuffed cabbage leaves with a mince and rice, served with sour fruits, chestnuts and yogurt )
  • Lamb Chop Kebab (lamb strung on skewers and then fried on a barbecue using the smoke from burning coal)
  • Sabzi Plov (“green rice” with delicious meatballs and herbs – Sabzi plov is a signature of Azerbaijani Cuisine)
  • Khangal (actually Khingali is a Georgian dish which was integrated in Azerbaijan cuisine long time ago, Khingali means dumplings which are filled with garlic and herbs)
  • Tava Kebab (minced lamb mixed with eggs and herbs)
  • Kutabs with meat or herbs (thin rolled dough with different fillings like cheese, pumpkin, meat, herbs)
  • Buglama (stewed lamb or fish in its own juice with some spices)
  • Yarpag Dolmasi (the grape leaves which are stuffed with mince and serves with yougurt)
  • Sadj (vegetables, chicken, lamb, potatoes, herbs – everything fried on a special pan called “sadj” – it is a signature frying pan of an ancient Azerbaijan)


  • Kyu-Kyu (totally vegetarian dish,made of eggs and more than 5 types of herbs. Serves with yogurt)
  • Choban Salat (I woulds say it looks like greek salad but without olives, same tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and maybe some goat cheese)


  • Kufta-Bozbash (this meal often serves as a first and second meal, this dish is made of ground lamb, potatoes, chickpeas and tomatoes. After you finished eating a soup you can start to eat meatballs with potatoes chickpeas and tomatoes)
  • Dushbara (means dumpling soup which is made of lamb and herbs)
  • Dovga (is a special soup which is made from herbs, spices and yogurt, this kind of soup cooks more than 3 hours to rich its “aldento” condition)
  • Bozbash (has a rich flavor because of saffron, herbs, alcha, chestnuts and fresh lamb)

Do you have any additions? Please comment below. We would also like to hear your opinions about Azerbaijani cuisine.

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