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Agh Gol National Park

National Park

Lake Agh Gol, the second largest lake in Azerbaijan, sits inside the Agh Gol National Park in the Kur-Araz lowlands. The arid landscape creates a nesting spot for migratory birds, while the lake is full of fish. Imagine a blue-green lake surrounded by a band of trees with mountains in the distance.

Agh Gol, situated in the Mil plain of the Kur-Araz lowlands has a semi-desert landscape and is an important overwintering and nesting place for birds. Over 140 species of birds are found in the park, including 89 species of nesting birds (partridge, spoonbill, swan, teal, bustard, etc). Approximately 30 specimens of charadriiformes and 24 specimens of anseriformers have chosen this reserve home for themselves. Some of the bird species living here such as Francolinus, white-tailed eagle, white pelicans and Dalmatin pelicans are added to the “Red Book”

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