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Armenia, Azerbaijan should learn to be good neighbors – Russian FM

Sergey Lavrov

Armenia and Azerbaijan should learn to live together as good neighbors, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during his speech at the ‘Primakov Readings’, Trend reports referring to the Russian media.

According to Lavrov, it’s necessary to make efforts to improve the lives of civilians.

As for the current conflicts on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, they have nothing to do with Karabakh, he noted.

Besides, along with Armenia and Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey and Iran, whose opinions should also be taken into account in the negotiation process, are interested in opening communications between the two South Caucasus countries, as well, added the minister.

Provocations carried out in recent days by Armenia on the state border with Azerbaijan are leading to escalation of the situation in the region.

So, on May 27, at about 03:00 (GMT+4), sabotage groups from Armenia crossed the state border of Azerbaijan and tried to carry out mining of the Azerbaijani territories and other provocative actions.

Two sabotage and reconnaissance groups crossed the state border of Azerbaijan in two directions. One consisted of nine, and the other consisted of 15 soldiers. The movement of sabotage and reconnaissance groups was taken under control. The Azerbaijani army took immediate operational measures against the groups when the Armenian servicemen mined supply routes and other roads in the territory of Azerbaijan.

As a result, four Armenian soldiers were disarmed and detained, including one officer from the first sabotage-reconnaissance group and two soldiers from the other (six people in total).

The geographic coordinates of the territory where the Armenian saboteurs were detained are N 40 ° 09′06″ and E 45 ° 58′07″. The rest of the Armenian military hastily left the territory of Azerbaijan.

The Armenian armed forces opened fire rom several directions at the positions of the Azerbaijani army near the Ashaghi Buzgov settlement, Babek district, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on the night of May 27-28.

As a result, Azerbaijani serviceman Elkhan Muradov was wounded.

The shelling was suppressed by the return fire of the units of the Separate Combined Army.

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