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Assault on Azerbaijani journalist and Armenia’s publishing pro-Iran article is not coincidence


Lately, the strategic alliance between Armenia and Iran has become stronger against the backdrop of some important events that have taken place in recent days. These include the brutal beating of South Azerbaijani journalist Ahmad Obali in the US, and the publication of an unnecessary critical article about Azerbaijan-Israel relations in the Armenian press. This has started to bring more clarity to the issue. It was published in the article that the supposedly close relations between Azerbaijan and Israel are a strategy aimed at Iran, and this is also related to South Azerbaijan and the 35 million Azerbaijanis who live there.

This kind of provocative approach by Armenia clearly shows that Armenia and Iran have joined forces to target Azerbaijan. But the matter does not end there. Commenting on on the issue for Azernews, CEO of the Dona Gracia Center for Diplomacy and Israel-based journalist Rachel Avraham noted that Iran is still in a mood of bellicose jingoism.

“Actually, Iran is not silent. There was a Press tv article published under the title – “Zionists infiltrate Azerbaijan” that was published two days ago, exactly after Azerbaijan’s Deputy Foreign Minister visited Israel to address the Herzliya Conference,” she said.

Avraham said that the incident was not accidental and that both the terrorist attack against the South Azerbaijani journalist and the publication of such an article in the Armenian press alongside on Press TV were a joint effort.

“Ahmad Obali, a prominent journalist, was physically assaulted in a terror attack and is now in hospital struggling for his life. The Iranian regime also attacked his son Deniz. I don’t think it is just a coincidence.

This article that was published in the Armenian media just shows once again how Armenia is a proxy of Iran,” Avraham stressed.

It is an undeniable fact that historically, South Azerbaijan is part of North Azerbaijan. They were separated due to Russian and Persian imperialists. South Azerbaijan was brutally crushed by the Pahlavis later on, after they experienced independence for one year. Now, the time has come for the South Azerbaijani people to get their freedom again. Ahmad Obali is the voice of freedom and the Iranians wanted to silence him, Avraham said as she commented on the critic spotlighting one of her comments to a media outlet.

“I have no doubt that Armenians here want to support Iran and they have targeted me. There are so many Israeli journalists writing about the South Azerbaijanis, but it was not an accident that they went after me but not them. I have had many interviews with Ahmad Obali. He is a kind and intelligent person who knows history very well. Given what they say about me in that article, I wonder what the Iranian regime is planning next after Obali.

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