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AZAL opens sale for special Baku-London-Baku flight


From July 16 to August 27, the national air carrier of Azerbaijan will perform special flights on the Baku-London-Baku route. Flights are scheduled to be performed once a week (on Thursdays).

Tickets for this route will be sold subject to special conditions. Only passengers entitled to enter the UK can fly on the Baku-London flight. In addition, according to the new rules of this country, online application form available at https://www.gov.uk/provide-journey-contact-details-before-travel-uk must be completed within 48 hours before departure. If no form is completed within the specified time, migration officials of the London Heathrow Airport can fine a passenger for £100.

Citizens of Azerbaijan and other states holding a permit for permanent residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan are allowed on board the London-Baku flights.

Flight tickets can be purchased on the official website of the airline – www.azal.az

Azerbaijani students studying abroad can take advantage of a 30% discount when purchasing tickets.

To recap, only passengers who have been tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) will be allowed to board the flights. List of laboratories accredited by the Management Union of the Medical Territorial Unit (TABIB) where passengers can be tested for COVID-19 without a doctor’s appointment:

Referans Clinical Laboratory Centre;

– Leyla Medical Centre;

– Memorial Clinic;

– Bona Dea International Hospital;

– Inci Laboratories;

– Center for Control of Particularly Dangerous Infections;

– Caspian International Hospital;

– UltraLab.

The COVID-19 test in the UK can be passed at private clinics, hospitals and pharmacies in the city of stay, or at one of the following London clinics and pharmacies:

– Sherlock Holmes Pharmacy – https://www.nhs.uk/Services/pharmacies/MapsAndDirections/DefaultView.aspx?id=11075

– Walkin Clinic – https://walkin-clinic.co.uk/blood-tests/covid19-testing

– London Doctors Clinic – https://www.londondoctorsclinic.co.uk/services/private-coronavirus-test/

– Private Harley Street Clinic – https://privateharleystreetclinic.com/products/covid-19-test

In both cases, passengers must receive a certificate of negative COVID-19 test results within 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

As previously reported, on flights operated during the COVID-19 pandemic, special rules will apply both at the airport of departure and arrival and on board the aircraft. “Azerbaijan Airlines” prepared a video instruction available at https://youtu.be/AFFKE0yX0nE: https://youtu.be/Rbb_I0NsW7U.

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