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AZAL to perform two special flights to Istanbul


The National Air Carrier of Azerbaijan (“AZAL”) will perform special flights on June 17 and 18 in the Baku-Istanbul-Baku direction, Trend reports citing Press Service of “Azerbaijan Airlines” CJSC.

150 passengers are to be accepted for flight in each direction.

Sale of tickets for Baku-Istanbul-Baku flights will be opened on June 15 on the website of the airline (www.azal.az).

Tickets for the Baku-Istanbul flight can be purchased both by citizens of Azerbaijan and Turkey (or persons holding a residence permit in this country). Only citizens of Azerbaijan will be allowed on the Istanbul-Baku flight. In order to obtain the rules and the corresponding permission to enter Turkey, citizens of Azerbaijan traveling to Istanbul must contact the Turkish Embassy in our country.

According to the new rules, only passengers who have been tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) in special laboratories accredited by the Management Union of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB) and received negative test results will be allowed to board the flight. In this case, citizens of Azerbaijan arriving by the Istanbul-Baku flight are exempted from quarantine. However, if COVID-19 symptoms are found, the passengers of this flight may be sent for the second medical examination.

Baku-Istanbul flights will be served via Terminal 1.

When departing from Istanbul, at the airport check-in counter, you will need to provide a certificate with negative results for COVID-19 testing issued by the Istanbul clinics – “Memorial Sağlık Grubu”, received no later than 48 hours before the flight departure. Note that this clinic is recommended for COVID testing by the Ministry of Health of Turkey. We remind you again that only Azerbaijani citizens will be allowed to register for the Istanbul-Baku flight.

As previously reported, on flights operated during the COVID-19 pandemic, special rules will apply both at the airport of departure and arrival, as well as on board the aircraft. “Azerbaijan Airlines” prepared a video instruction available at: https://youtu.be/-s-0s4o1L2M

AZAL calls upon passengers to treat the requirements and recommendations of the Operational Headquarters and the World Health Organization aimed at combatting COVID-19 with utmost importance.

In turn, the employees of the airline and the airport will do everything in their power to ensure that the flight is as comfortable and safe as possible and call upon passengers to travel by air only if absolutely necessary.

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