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Azerbaijan and Pakistan: A shared commitment of bilateral relationship

Azerbaijan and Pakistan

Human history has always celebrated and acknowledged those nations who with their incredible courage and determination defend their motherlands. The pages of history shine with valor and sacrifices made by the soldiers who defend every inch of their motherland. It inspires future generations about the love and greatness of its people and their commitment to their freedom and dignity. The Azerbaijani nation has recently been successful in recording its worth in history. It liberated its motherland not through compromised negotiations or by conceding to its foe but by exhibiting an extraordinary capability to fight on the battleground and restoring its national dignity and reasserting its territorial integrity.


On November 8, the state of Azerbaijan marks the second annual anniversary of the forty-four day Patriotic War against Armenia. This day regulates and reflects the greatness of Azerbaijani leadership and its people. Under the remarkable and undaunting leadership of Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Under the extraordinary leadership of the President, the courageous Azerbaijani forces achieved an incredible victory march against all odds-on September 27, 2020. It successfully frustrated and defeated the Armenian proactive actions and its occupation designs and reasserted its sovereignty. This day, therefore, signifies Azerbaijan’s victory in the honor of its great triumph in the Second Karabakh War over Armenia. Azerbaijani nation celebrates and acknowledges its freedom and sovereignty with high spirits.


Pakistan, a committed ally and friend, has always stood with Azerbaijan. Pakistan was among the first nations who recognized Azerbaijan’s independence in the 1990s. Both countries have successfully established mutual diplomatic and working relationships with each other. The historical and cultural ties between the nations grew stronger during the conflict and Pakistan’s leadership and its people were among the first nations who stood by their Azerbaijani brothers and vowed to advance their assistance. On the international level, Pakistan supported its ally’s position and condemned the aggressive tendencies of the Armenian state. The state of Pakistan stood by its brother nation to ensure both international and moral support, Pakistan’s people and its diaspora demonstrated exemplary solidarity and called for the international community to condemn the Armenian act of aggression and to respect territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. As an indication of this unprecedented brotherhood, the Azerbaijani nation proudly decorated its state with flags of Pakistan and Turkiye. Pakistan has always defended the interests of its friend in the international community and level and expressed unequivocal support. On the eve of the victory Pakistan’s high officials, its military leadership, and representatives extended their congratulatory feelings to the Azerbaijani nation.


Moreover, one of the remarkable developments that the world witnessed during the conflict was Pakistan’s youth support for Azerbaijan on the social networking platform. The youth’s voice echoed with the voice of Azerbaijan and was heard across the world. Hundreds of thousands of tweets and posts were circulated to further the cause of its brothers. For nearly a week, Azerbaijan remained among the top trends on Twitter. This reflected the fact that they equally felt and participated in the struggle of their brothers for furthering their cause. In addition, on the dawn of Azerbaijan’s victory, the youth of Pakistan reaffirmed their ties with Azerbaijan by celebrating it. The leadership of President Ilham Aliyev inspired the youth in Pakistan that a firm and principled commitment to the ideals of autonomy, self-determination, and freedom can ensure victory against all odds. The natural feelings of brotherhood are also reflected in the shared sense of belonging to the same cultural milieu and history. Such emotions and feelings of solidarity are cherished throughout Pakistan.


In addition, both nations share decades of bilateral friendship and engagement that extends to all spheres ranging from the economic, technological security, cultural, and political areas. The relations between the two states are primarily based on the notions of shared prosperity, consolidated commercial connectivity, deeper socio-economic interconnectedness, diplomatic ties, increasing geo-strategic and military cooperation, regional engagement, and better political understanding. Such understanding runs deeper into all levels of cooperation bilaterally between Pakistan and Azerbaijan. For instance, Pakistan is an essential actor in the Belt and Road Initiative Project and its ties with China can facilitate closer diplomatic engagement between Beijing and Baku. Besides, Pakistan can also help Azerbaijan’s accession to significant regional bodies such as Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Similarly, Baku’s unwavering support for Pakistan’s position over Kashmir highlights a similar commitment to bilateral ties. This indicates the bright prospects of engagement between the two nations. The contemporary level of mutual cooperative bilateral relations offers a win-win proposition for both states. For Pakistan, the strategic partnership with Azerbaijan provides an active engagement on the regional level and for Azerbaijan; Pakistan constitutes an essential diplomatic partner, particularly a significant military ally.


On this historic occasion, Pakistan reaffirms its commitment to an enduring bilateral and diplomatic relationship with Azerbaijan and seeks to further explore the areas of cooperation and strengthening of its ties. Their mutual support for each other’s positions and stances over the territorial disputes, enhancing the bilateral means of relationship for the foreseeable future and a shared geo-political outlook offers promising prospects for the consolidation of their friendship.

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