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Azerbaijan announces OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation chairmanship priorities


Azerbaijan`s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeyhun Bayramov has addressed the opening meeting of the OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation (FSC) under the Chairmanship of Azerbaijan. Speaking about the priority issues of the FSC chairmanship of Azerbaijan and the identified Security Dialogues, the FM voiced the following important issues:

– The last chairmanship of Azerbaijan in the FSC was 17 years ago, and since then a number of developments have taken place, complicating the overall security environment in the OSCE region. What remains unchanged is the basis for our cooperation both within the OSCE as a whole and the FSC in particular. That is unconditional respect for fundamental norms, principles and commitments enshrined in the core OSCE documents, starting from the Helsinki Final Act, in particular respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of States.

– As a result of blatant violations of the core principles of inter-State conduct, Azerbaijan’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and internationally recognized borders were undermined. However, a counter-offensive operation of our armed forces in the autumn of 2020 put an end to this situation.

– The agenda of the presidency of Azerbaijan includes the implementation of Security Dialogues on issues of high importance for the FSC. Thus, the first Security Dialogue will be held next week on compliance with international humanitarian law and protection of civilians. We aim to use this Security Dialogue as an opportunity to promote and strengthen the commitment of States to ensure compliance with obligations under international humanitarian law and related OSCE commitments, as well as to dwell on the importance of accountability for their violations.

– We will dedicate the other two Security Dialogues to various aspects of Small Arms and Light Weapons and Stockpiles of Conventional Ammunition. One will focus on the implementation of relevant OSCE commitments and lessons learned. The other Security Dialogue will focus on the issue of mine action.

– Speaking from the perspective of the OSCE’s comprehensive and cross-dimensional concept of security, realization of practical assistance projects is also of primary importance for the implementation of our commitments in other dimensions of security, such as facilitating the return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their homes in safety and in dignity.

– Being a non-aligned OSCE participating State, Azerbaijan has always regarded the OSCE as a major pillar of the pan-European security architecture and believes that the indivisibility of security underpinned in fundamental OSCE documents needs to be upheld. One of our Security Dialogues under our chairmanship will be dedicated to the place and role of countries that do not belong to any politico-military alliance in European security architecture, as well as their approach and experience in contributing to security and stability in the OSCE area.

– The next Security Dialogue under our chairmanship will be devoted to countering terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Based on its unique comprehensive concept of security, the OSCE is well-suited to combating and preventing terrorism through a holistic approach, including addressing financing of terrorism, the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs), the financing of mercenaries and terrorists with dirty money, as well as the linkages between terrorism, separatism and violent extremism, organized crime, corruption, money laundering and other illicit activities.

– Our next Security Dialogue will cover the issue of conventional arms control and confidence and security building measures (CSBMs). Based on its experience, Azerbaijan is well aware of threats and challenges existing in this sphere. In the past nearly three decades, we witnessed deliberate disregard and evasion of all applicable arms control and CSBMs regimes in a wrongful quest to consolidate the status-quo of occupation of our territories. Proceeding from this experience, we are convinced that the implementation of arms control and CSBMs commitments under existing regimes both in letter and spirit could indeed provide a significant contribution to peace, security and stability in the OSCE region.

– Our final Security Dialogue will be dedicated to post-conflict rehabilitation and will draw on the lessons in the OSCE region. The OSCE’s conflict cycle toolbox provides a basis for the Organization’s engagement in post-conflict rehabilitation activities in a broad and comprehensive manner.

– Azerbaijan during its Chairmanship is looking forward to work together with other participating States with a view of promoting and enhancing the implementation of our shared politico-military commitments, while ensuring respect for foundational principles that our Organization rests on.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Jeyhun Bayramov expressed gratitude to all the participants who congratulated Azerbaijan on the chairmanship of the FSC, supported the priorities of Azerbaijan and expressed readiness to work with Azerbaijan in this direction, commented on a number of suggestions of the participants. At the same time, the unfounded allegations made by the Armenian representative during the discussions were rejected, and Azerbaijan’s position on regional security based on international law was brought to the attention of the participants.

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