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Azerbaijan continues implementation of self-employment program


The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection is taking measures to provide social support to martyrs’ families, war veterans and civilians affected by the Armenian aggression.

The State Employment Agency under the ministry has helped 500 people employment recently.

Of them 350 persons, including 215 member of martyrs’ families, 70 war veterans and the wounded are involved in the self-employment program. Some of them have already been provided with assets in the form of goods and materials in accordance with business plans, and the rest are being provided.

Over 200 people, including 82 members of martyrs’ families, 110 war veterans and wounded or their family members, will be involved in paid community service. More than 100 of them are already involved, and other will be involved in the program in the coming days.

The self-employment program aims to provide access to small businesses for about 12,000 families in 2020.

So far, the State Employment Agency has involved about 8,300 unemployed and low-income families in the self-employment program, providing 4,500 of them with assets needed in their businesses, and this process continues.

Most of those involved in the program are people with disabilities, martyrs’ family members, IDPs, war veterans, members of low-income families and others.

It should be noted that the program covered more than 10,000 families in 2019 and about 7,300 families in 2018.

Earlier the ministry has reported that Azerbaijan’s self-employment program will cover 15,000 families in 2021.

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