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Azerbaijan, Georgia mull Karabakh rehabilitation, ties


Azerbaijani First Deputy Culture Minister Vagif Aliyev and Chairman of the Georgian State Agency For Religious Issues Zaza Vashakmadze have discussed prospects of cooperation between the two countries and the rehabilitation of cultural monuments in Azerbaijan’s liberated lands.

At a meeting held in Baku, Aliyev emphasized that the Azerbaijani-Georgian bilateral ties have a rich history and are successfully developing in various fields.

He stressed the importance of a number of important global economic projects implemented as part of bilateral partnerships.

The Azerbaijani first deputy minister expressed gratitude to Georgia for its political support to Azerbaijan during the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War.

Aliyev briefed Vashakmadze about the looting of Azerbaijan’s settlements, the destruction of the country’s cultural institutions and historical monuments by Armenia for almost 30 years.

He underlined that President Ilham Aliyev had set tasks to the Azerbaijani state agencies to carry out large-scale construction work on the liberated territories.

The Azerbaijan Culture Ministry is currently actively engaged in the rehabilitation of historical and cultural monuments and the construction of new cultural facilities that meet modern standards in the liberated lands.

At the same time, it is especially important to inform international organizations about the Armenian-committed crimes against the Azerbaijani nation’s cultural heritage on these territories.

For his purpose, Azerbaijan actively cooperates with UNESCO, ICESCO, the UN Alliance of Civilizations and other international agencies.

Moreover, Aliyev praised the high level of cultural ties with Georgia and added that the Georgian representatives actively participate in various international festivals and competitions annually held in Azerbaijan.

He also touched on issues discussed by Culture Minister Anar Karimov’s trip to Georgia on July 6-9.

Vashakmadze expressed his satisfaction with his first official visit to Azerbaijan and congratulated the Azerbaijani people on the Karabakh war victory. He thanked Azerbaijan for recognizing and supporting Georgia’s territorial integrity at all international levels.

The chairman of the Georgian State Agency for Religious Issues said that Georgia is as multicultural as Azerbaijan and that different peoples live there. He pointed out that the Georgian government cares for citizens of different religions.

In conclusion, Vashakmadze expressed his confidence that the bilateral ties between Azerbaijan and Georgia will continue to successfully develop in various areas.

By Laman Ismayilova

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