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Azerbaijan not to tighten coronavirus quarantine regime


The Operational Headquarters has repeatedly analyzed the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the country and came to conclusion that the current situation does not give a reason to tighten the quarantine regime, Spokesman for the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers Ibrahim Mammadov said.

He made the remark at a briefing of the Operational Headquarters under Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers, Trend reports on May 22.

According to him, the situation in Azerbaijan is not as tense as in some other countries.

“The situation in our country is not so tense. Although it is not yet stable, nevertheless it is under control,” he said. “There is no need to soften the established regime. That is, based on the results of the analysis by the Operational Headquarters, softening of the quarantine regime in the country is not advisable.”

“In the near future the Operational Headquarters will make a decision on this matter,” added Mammadov.

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