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Azerbaijan records multi-fold increase in online sales amid COVID-19


The number of visitors of the international e-trade platform Azexport has increased several times, Manager of the Azexport portal Aykhan Gadashov told local media.

“The quarantine regime applied worldwide during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) forced people to step away from traditional methods of purchase and start making purchases online. Against this background, online sales in Azerbaijan have significantly grown,” Gadashov noted.

“Given the growing interest in e-trade and the quarantine Azexport portal, together with the representative of the Worldef Business School and Worldef in Azerbaijan and the My Broker customs office, implemented the Amazon distance learning and e-trade project,” he said.

“As part of the project, participants were explained the mechanisms for opening an account on the Amazon e-trade portal, identifying products with high sales rates, identifying reliable suppliers of products through international e-trade platforms, sending products to Amazon warehouses, defining an advertising strategy, international logistics and domestic deliveries, customs operations in e-trade in accordance with the current legislation of Azerbaijan, conducting other relevant documents and procedures,” added the portal’s manager.

In the future, using international experience, the possibility of applying customs declarations in e-trade (ETGB), international trade law and standards, technical regulation and other necessary information were studied, he stressed.

“A total of 168 people took part in the online trainings, which lasted 7 days and were conducted through the Zoom application. At the training, electronic certificates were presented to about 40 participants with a participation rate of over 80 percent,” noted Gadashov.

(1 USD= 1.7 AZN on June 4)

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