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Azerbaijan reduces wheat imports

By Narmina Mamadova

In 2018, Azerbaijan imported more than 1 million tons of wheat worth $ 205.967.

According to the State Customs Committee, the imports decreased by 193,528 tons or 15.2 percent in annual comparison, the cost – by $ 21,200 or 9.3 percent.

Last year wheat imports accounted for 1.8 percent of the country’s total imports.

Azerbaijan can develop grain growing by intensive ways, in particular, by attracting new and innovative technologies, which will increase productivity, as well as by building the appropriate infrastructure and improving human resources.

Also, implementing agro-technical measures, conducting researches for determining the areas of crops and ensuring the timely collection and preservation of these products are of significant importance for improving the quality of local grains.

The government of the country has successfully carried out agrarian reforms, the implementation of the third State program on the socio-economic development of regions, the establishment of regional and rural infrastructure last year. Giant work has led not only to the renewal of regions, but also to their prosperity.

Grain production and bringing their level to full provision of the population – this is the goal that President Ilham Aliyev set and the state successfully copes with the goal.

Thanks to ongoing reforms, grain production exceeded 3 million tons in 2018, and the yield is 30 centners per hectare. The farmers’ competent attitude to the care for the new crop, the selection of high-quality seeds in seed farms, the introduction of new irrigation technologies, the application of fertilizers and herbicides against rodents and weeds play a great role in this issue. Specialists of the Institute of Agriculture have always provided assistance, generously shared their experience and scientific advice on growing different varieties of durum and soft wheat, as well as barley, oats and other forage crops.

All the work done demonstrates the importance of the development of such an industry as grain growing, on which our food security largely depends.

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