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Azerbaijan slams Armenia’s desecration of historical monument in Gubadli

Hikmet Hajiyev

Presidential aide Hikmat Hajiyev has urged a number of major international organizations to seriously condemn the desecration by Armenia of an Azerbaijani historical monument in Gubadli region, which has recently been liberated from occupation.

Under the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, the occupying power must not allow the destruction, looting and misappropriation of and must refrain from hostile actions against cultural property.

“The historical monument of XVIII century close to Mamar Mosque in Gubadli region of Azerbaijan. During Armenia’s occupation, this cultural and historical monument transformed into the animal stable. We call upon UNESCO, ICESCO, OIC take actions/seriously condemn these barbaric acts,” Hikmat Hajiyev wrote on his official Twitter account on November 6.

This is not the first case of desecration of Azerbaijani historical monuments by Armenia. The situation was similar in a mosque in neighbouring Zangilan region which has also been recently liberated from the Armenian occupation. The Azerbaijani Culture Ministry stated in late October that many monuments in the freed areas are in a deplorable condition.

“This is another clear example of Armenian vandalism,” the ministry said, urging international organisations and the progressive world community to condemn this barbaric attitude to the world’s cultural heritage.

Armenia has either destroyed or misappropriated the historical and cultural monuments belonging to the Azerbaijani people. The most common examples of cultural heritage damaged by the Armenian armed forces are the Islamic monuments such as mosques, tombs and other places of worship. Armenians have demonstrated their hatred for Azerbaijanis by keeping animals inside mosques.

“Such barbaric treatment of the cultural heritage in the occupied territories, including unique monuments of special importance, is a threat to world heritage,” the Culture Ministry said.

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