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Azerbaijan soldiers on military fronts

From the first days of the war thousands of Azerbaijan peoples bravely fought in the fronts against-fashism. 44 Azerbaijanis, who participated in the defence of Brets fortress, bravely faught till the end of the breath. In December, 1948, junior lieutenant Israfil Mammedov showed braveness in the battles for the village of Pustinka near Novgorod and firstly awarded with the title of Hero of Soviet union. Machinist-gun, Idris Veliyev killed more than 50 soldiers of the enemy in the battle near Borodin Lake. Pilot Husseinbala Aliyev stoke 6 enemy plains over the sky of Leningrad. Commander of tank detachment, Hazi Aslanov, who distinguished in the battles-under Moscow was awarded with the orden of “Red Star”.

Despite of strict defeats in the battles under Moscow the enemy was powerful. In the beginning of May, 1942, fascists captured Kerch, Sevastapol, Kharkhov and began to move to Volga. In July, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Maykop were conquered. Azerbaijan and Baku oil encountered with danger. On September 9, 1942, supreme Head- quarters declared military circumstances in the Republics of South Caucasus, as well as in Azerbaijan. There was created defence region of Baku. There were shaped defence fortifications around the city. There were placed tanks and guns in entrenchments. The enemy did his best to intervene to the sky of Baku in 71 times in 1942, and 3 times in 1943, but brave pilots and anti-aircraft gunners did not permit them-they shaked 96 enemy plains down.

After the conquest of Mozdok the enemy, who encountered with severe resistance, changed his invasion tactics and began to move not to Baku, but in the direction of Nalchik-Orcanikidze. 402nd, 416th and 223rd Azerbaijan divisions fought in the region of Mozdok, 77th division took part in defence ceremonies.

In the operations of Soviet Army for the liberation of North Caucasus in October, 1942, Azerbaijan divisions showed military braveness too. 77th division participated in the liberation of Kerch, Rostov, Stavropol and other settlements. 402nd division changed 20 settlements from the enemy in the region of Mozdok. 416th divisions played an important role in the liberation of several settlements in the North Caucasus and the shore of Azov Sea. Qafur Mammedov obliterated 13 soldiers of the enemy, saved his commander but he died in the battle for Tuapse. After the death, he was awarded with the title of Hero of Soviet Union. Destruction of fascist troops in the Caucasus saved Azerbaijan from the danger of fascist occupation.

Azerbaijan soldiers bravely fought in Stalingrad’s front. The group of snipers, commanded by Baloghlan Abbasov destroyed about 3 thousand soldiers of the enemy during two months.

In the winter of 1942, the tank pole of Hazi Aslanov showed great heroism in Stalingrad’s front. On December 22, 1942, Hazi Aslanov was awarded with the title of Hero of Soviet Union.

In February of 1943, fascist troops were completely destroyed under Stalingrad. This victory became radical turn in the war.

In the summer of 1943, ten thousands of Azerbaijan peoples bravely fought in all fronts. Namely, Q.Ajdarov raised the banner of victory over the city of Oryol. Military pilots, Adil Quliyev and Zuleikha Seidmammedova distinguished with their braveness. 416th divisions, which showed braveness in the liberation of Taganrog city, gained the title of “Taganrog”. For their heroism, showed in military operations the 271st division gained the name of “Qorlovsk”, 77th division- “Simferepol”; 416th divisions were awarded with the ordens of Suvorov (2nd degree).

On June 23-30, 1944, 35th Guards’ tank brigade of Hazi Aslanov forcificated the river of Berezna, liberated the city of Pleshen and 518 settlements. Hazi Aslanov was presented to the reward of the title of the Hero of Soviet Union for the second time (but his award was given after 47 years – in 1991). Tank brigade of Hazi Aslanov took an active part in the liberation of Baltic. But the military achievements of the general disturbed the military government of USSR, specially Hazi Aslanov.

H.Aslanov died on January 24, 1945, from the shoot wounds.

After the liberation of the territory of USSR from the fascist invaders, Azerbaijan national divisions took an active part in military operations for the liberation of Eastern Europe.

For active participation in the liberation of Yugoslavia, the 223rd division got the honoured title of “Belgrad”. It performed great braveness in the liberation of Vienna, which was rewarded with the orden of “Red banner” for.

The 271st division took an active part in the liberation of Poland and Czechoslovakia. 20 Azerbaijanis, as well as Ziya Bunyatov, who fought in these battles were awarded with the title of Hero of Soviet Union.

In February, 1945, 416th division, which broke the resistance of the enemy crossed the river of Oder and directed to Berlin. On May 2, Azerbaijan soldiers of these divisions raised the flag of victory over Brandenburg gates of Berlin. Yusif Sadigov was awarded with the title of the Hero of Soviet Union for his braveness in the assault of Reikhstag.

Majority of Azerbaijanis, who were captivated by Germany and prisoned in fascist camps continued the struggle for liberation from fascist yoke, escaped from the camps and jointed to partisan detachments. Ismail Aliyev was the commander of partisan brigade, acted in Smolensk. In 1943, 50 Azerbaijanis, led by Mammed Aliyev escaped from fascist camp and created their partisan detachment in Crimea. 400 Azerbaijanis created partisan detachment in Ukraine, united with other partisan detachments and fought against fashism in Ukraine, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

In 1942, colonel Alakbar Aliyev became the commander of partisan union of “Uncle Kolya”, which worked in Belorus city of Borisova and in 1944, he was appointed the commander of partisan detachment named after Suvorov. The detachment saved 4 thousand Soviet citizens from the deportation to Germany. There fought many Azerbaijanis in the prominent partisan army, led by S.A.Kovpak in Ukraine.

Azerbaijanis participated in partisan and antifascist movements of European nations too. In 1942, Azerbaijanis created secret organization in fascist camp for military captives, in Poland. The organization was led by Hadi Qiyasbeyov and Mirzakhan Mammedov. By the vehicle of this organization the group of captives escaped from the camp and jointed to partisan movement.

Ahmediyye Cabrailov, who escaped from fascist camp of death in France, in 1942, jointed to partisans and took an active part in the liberation movement of France under the name of “Armed Mishel” (Khargo), got high military reward of this country.

Mehdi Husseinzadeh, who was captivated at the result of heavy wound in the battles for Stalingrad, escaped from the prison and jointed to the partisans of Yugoslovia. He showed great braveness against hitlerists and liberated 700 military captives. M.Husseinzadeh, who was known as “Mikhaylo” led 9th corpus of National-liberation army of Yugoslovia. He destroyed more than 1000 german soldiers and fascists put the prise of 400 thousand lir for his head. In 1944, during inequal battle with fascists he destroyed many enemies and was shooted at the end. Only in 1957, 13 years later after his death, M.Husseinzadeh was awarded with the title of Hero of Soviet Union.

Ali Babayev, who participated in partisan movement in Italy and who was the commander of the batalyon named after Haribaldi was awarded silver medal of Italy-“For military braveness”.

Vilayet Husseinov was among the partisans who arrested Mussolini.

Akber Aghayev, who was one of the leaders of underground organization, which was created in the camp of death of Bukhenvald, conducted underground struggle against fascists. He was arrested and killed by fascists.

Among the military captives were those, who considered that after the victory of Germany over USSR, Germany would give in independence to Azerbaijan. The one of these groups, who learnt that Stalin declared “nation’s enemy” the military catives, understood that they would not able to return and united in national legions, created under the leadership of A.Fatalibeyli-Dyudanginsky.

M.E.Resulzadeh and Kh.Khasmammedov, who also hoped to the proclamation of independence of Azerbaijan, made negotiations with Hitler administration. In 1943, when M.E.Resulzadeh understood that Germany would not recognize the independence of Azerbaijan, declared about it in an open antifascist report in front of national legion and at the result of it he was withdrawn from Germany. Neverthless, the representatives of political immigration played an important role in saving Azerbaijani military captives, who the Germans considered Jews at first, from the death.

At the result of the unification of progressive forces of all over the world there was gained great victory against fashism. On May 8, 1945, Germany signed an act about capitulation. The 9th of May, entered to the history as the Day of Victory.

Neverthless, the war continued. On August 9, USSR entered to the war with Japan. The World War II ended on September 2, 1945, with the capitulation of Japan.

USSR became the winner of the war. Great service and achievement of this victory referred to Azerbaijan nation. Technics of Soviet Army worked behalf on Baku oil. Azerbaijanis showed braveness not only in rear, but also in the front. Tens of generals of Azerbaijan– Hazi Aslanov, Akim Abbasov, Mehti Mahmudov, Yagub Quliyev, Habibullah Husseinov, Melik Maherramov, Aslan Vezirov and others showed great military and organizational capabilities, as well as military braveness in the liberation of the country from fascist invasion. Among the brave sons of our nation 121 men were awarded with the title of Hero of Soviet Union, 30 men were awarded with the orden of Honour in 3 levels, and 176 ones were awarded with various ordens and medals.

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