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Azerbaijan to increase satellites in Space – Chairman of Azerkosmos


Increasing the number of Azerbaijani satellites is one of the important issues, Azernews reports, citing the Chairman of Azerkosmos, Samaddin Asadov telling at the discussion of the new draft law “On Space Activity”, which was discussed at the committee meeting of the Milli Majlis on May 11.

He noted that currently, Azerbaijan has 3 satellites. “Azersky” satellite has already stopped its operation. Increasing the number of satellites is one of the important issues.

“The communication system is well developed in our country. We have focused on foreign markets. We have made half a billion manat profit in this area, and 90 percent of our income comes from foreign markets,” he said.

Sammadin Asadov noted that 90 percent of the income was generated from abroad.

“Services are provided in dollars and euros. We have supported the flow of foreign currency to the country. The space sector is considered to be profitable and pays for itself,” he added.

Samaddin Asadov emphasized that the space activity serves the national interests of Azerbaijan and has commercial purposes.

According to him, all television channels of Azerbaijan and Georgia are broadcasted through Azerbaijani satellites.

He emphasized that Azerbaijan has no dependence on satellites today.

He said that the restoration and construction processes carried out in Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur are monitored by satellites.

He reported that the terrestrial station operating a short distance from Baku received an international certificate, and China, Japan and other countries installed their antennas at that station.

The Chairman said that Azerbaijan locates in orbit at the 46th degree meridian. This meridian was claimed by the Malaysian government in the 90s. In other words, Azerbaijan shares this meridian with Malaysia.

The chairman of the agency noted that as a result of favorable cooperation, Malaysia decided to give this resource to Azerbaijan.

“We will finish this process with Malaysia by the end of the year. The 46th degree will be the full position of Azerbaijan. After that, if we want, we will be able to launch 5-6 satellites”, said S. Asadov.

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