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Azerbaijani carpets to be displayed in Russia


The Russian Museum of Ethnography continues to work on an exhibition dedicated to Azerbaijan`s decorative and applied arts, co-organized with Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum.

The carpets were chosen as the central theme of the exposition.

“The carpet in the Caucasus was a daily necessities creating a comfortable environment in the portable housing, which was placed directly on the ground, and in the homes of the settled population, which had stone walls and an earthen floor. Created by  women’s hands, stunning Caucasian carpets hit the markets of near and far countries. Carpets were the most important commodity already on the Great Silk Road, and how its legacy can be understood in the symbolism of the “big knot” – the carpet knot in the context of large knots on the historical trade routes of the South Caucasus.  And this is a fascinating topic for research, ” the message reads.

About 50 carpets and such carpet products as chests have been already selected for the upcoming exhibition.

Moreover, it is also planned to display fabrics, patches, embroideries, copper vessels and other examples of  Azerbaijan`s decorative and applied arts.

The Russian Museum of Ethnography is one of the largest ethnographic museums in the world. The museum`s collection includes half a million exhibits, devoted to the culture and everyday life of the people of the former Russian Empire and Soviet Union.

By Laman Ismayilova

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