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Azerbaijani MoD, NATO present certificates to participants in joint training course

Azerbaijani MoD, NATO

The joint training program of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry and NATO came to an end with the distribution of certificates to the participants, Azernews reports per the ministry.

The training on the topic of “Operations assessment at all levels of warfare” was held by the Dutch Brunssum Allied Joint Forces Command Mobile Training Group, as part of the country’s Individual Partnership Cooperation Program for 2023.

A briefing was given at the end of the training course.

The speakers praised the graduates for successfully completing the program and wished them luck in their future service, noting the significance of such courses in enhancing military cooperation between Azerbaijan and NATO.

Relations with NATO started in 1992 when Azerbaijan joined the North Atlantic Cooperation Council. This forum for dialogue was succeeded in 1997 by the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, which brings together all allies and partner countries in the Euro-Atlantic area.

Bilateral cooperation began when Azerbaijan joined the Partnership for Peace (PfP) program in 1994. Thanks to regular participation in PfP activities, Azerbaijan has been able to contribute actively to Euro-Atlantic security by supporting NATO-led peace-support operations.

Azerbaijan’s participation in the PfP Planning and Review Process (PARP) since 1997 has enabled NATO and individual allies to assist Azerbaijan in developing selected units to improve interoperability with those of the allies.

NATO and Azerbaijan started work on a jointly agreed Defense Education Enhancement Program (DEEP) in 2008 to integrate NATO standards into the teaching methodologies and curricula of the country’s Professional Military Education (PME) institutions.

In 2018, Azerbaijan asked NATO to also involve the Military High School, a pre-commissioning school, in DEEP.

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