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Azerbaijani people celebrate Solidarity Day

By Abdul Kerimkhanov

December 31 is the day of the universal unity of the Azerbaijani nation. This holiday plays an important role in establishing contacts with Azerbaijanis living in different countries, building solidarity among them. Celebrating Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis has become a spiritual necessity for all the world Azerbaijanis.

Azerbaijanis have been living in the territory of Azerbaijan, their native land for thousands of years, making a great contribution to world civilization.

As a result of wars, revolutions, military conflicts, and various social and political processes in the world, Azerbaijan was fragmented, and some of the Azerbaijanis were separated. There are also Azerbaijanis living in other countries, leaving their homeland for employment and studying.

Thus, the Azerbaijanis spread from the historical Azerbaijani lands to the whole world.

At present, they live in many countries around the world. Large Azerbaijani communities have been established in Russia, Ukraine, other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Baltic states, Europe, America, and Eastern countries.

Today more than 50 million Azerbaijanis live in the world.

World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day was laid at the end of December 1989 when opening borders (USSR-Iran borders) in Nakhchivan. Border poles between North and South Azerbaijan have been destroyed. Meanwhile, the Turkish-speaking Peoples Conference was held in Istanbul. The conference has decided to celebrate the solidarity of Azerbaijanis in the world.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Heydar Aliyev, declared December 31 as the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day on December 16, 1991, taking into account the importance of creating a unity of world Azerbaijanis.

Now, World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day is celebrated by Azerbaijanis in more than 70 countries around the world.

As time passes, the Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis is gaining more and more importance, because every year each of us feels stronger the need for unity among our compatriots, regardless of whether they live in their historical homeland or in a foreign land.

Along with the active participation in economic, public and political life of countries in which they live, the Diaspora have received the broad options to represent the culture, wealth, language, history and traditions of Azerbaijani nation. It is the firm belief of every Azerbaijani that by doing his or her utmost and sparing no effort through consolidation of activities they will develop and prosper in the future to come.

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