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Azerbaijani Taxes Ministry, SOCAR make joint statement

Tax audits, which are being held in the Azerbaijani state oil company SOCAR, are the planned on-site inspections, Trend reports referring to a joint statement made by SOCAR and the Azerbaijani Taxes Ministry on Jan. 10.

While commenting on the recent information regarding tax audits in SOCAR, both structures emphasized that such audits are one of the direct responsibilities of the Taxes Ministry.

“Carrying out a tax audit in any company, including SOCAR, is one of the main and direct functional duties of the Taxes Ministry,” the statement said. “Every year, the ministry conducts the planned inspections among big taxpayers, including SOCAR. The tax audit which is being held this year in the company is also another on-site inspection.”

“It is wrong to associate these tax audits with any changes in SOCAR’s administrative structure,” the statement said. “Tax audits are a normal process that does not affect the activity of both structures, and the officials of the company continue to perform their duties.”

“SOCAR is the biggest national company in the region and one of the biggest taxpayers in Azerbaijan,” the statement said. “At the same time, the company, working in 20 countries, ensures the interests of the country and brings big dividends to the country.”

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