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Azerbaijan’s folk song performed in Germany


Anima Shirvani ensemble has performed Azerbaijan’s folk song “Sari Gelin”.

The ensemble based in Germany, includes Deniz Mahir Kartal, Tural Ismayilov, David Budai, Sebastian Flaig, Pedro Alcàcer Doria. The music video aroused great interest among YouTube users.

The name “Sari Gelin” has several meanings: translated from the Azerbaijani language – “Bride in yellow” and “Golden-haired bride”, as well as – “Bride from the mountains”, “Girl of the mountains”.

There are several versions of the composition history. During the third Congress of Azerbaijani ashugs, great opera singer from Shusha, one of the founders of the national musical theater Bulbul (Murtuza Mammadov) noted that this song was composed in Azerbaijan`s Karabakh region.

According to tradition, when a girl was wooed in Karabakh, the next day she was in a yellow dress. The words of the song “They will not give you up for me” say that the girl is already married, as she is dressed in yellow.

For the first time, the composition was put to music by the Azerbaijani composer Asef Zeynalli in 1928.

The song was included in the repertoire of legendary mugham performers. It was also widely used by Azerbaijani composers in their works, operas, plays and many films.

“Sari Gelin” was also performed at the opening of international events and sports competitions.

There is also Azerbaijani dance “Sari Gelin” and a musical ensemble of the same name. In 2006, the Azerbaijani-Norwegian ensemble “Sari Gelin” was created, which performs Azerbaijani mugham and Norwegian folk songs.

By Laman Ismayilova

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