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Azerkosmos signs contract with large agricultural company of Azerbaijan


Azerkosmos and Agro Dairy, the largest agricultural company in Azerbaijan, have signed a cooperation agreement on the use of satellite images in monitoring agricultural fields, Azernews reports.

The contract was signed within the framework of the Caspian Agro Azerbaijan International Agricultural Exhibition.

Thanks to this cooperation, monitoring of the state of development of agricultural areas and crops in the country will be carried out using satellite images, and projects for the development of an electronic map of cultivated areas will be implemented.

Periodic satellite images in different months of the year, including images collected in the archive database of the Azersky satellite, will be used in the preparation of the vegetation map.

Based on satellite images, it is planned to monitor plowed areas and identify degraded lands. At the same time, the forecasting of productivity, the dynamics of the development of diseases spread in cultivated areas and the vegetation period of plants will be continuously monitored. In order to provide operational information on the changes occurring in the field of agriculture, the said satellite services will be provided on a digital platform.

Chairman of Azercosmos, Samaddin Asadov, said that satellite images play an invaluable role in the effective planning of agricultural areas in Azerbaijan. Thanks to our cooperation with the Agro Dairy company, the amount of fieldwork will be reduced many times with the use of satellite images, and we will contribute to more accurate forecasting and optimization of agricultural productivity in our country.

“Agro Dairy constantly pays attention to the use of modern technologies in accordance with the needs of the agricultural sector in our country. I am sure that with the satellite services of Azercosmos, we will create innovative solutions for the development of the “smart agriculture” economy of our country,” said Niyazi Amirbeyov, executive director of the company.

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