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Border Service seizes over 11.4 kg of drugs on Azerbaijani-Iranian border from late May to early June


The Azerbaijani State Border Service has prevented the smuggling of over 11.4 kg of drugs, as well as 3,956 psychotropic pills from Iran from late May to early June, Azernews reports per the agency.

At 2310, on June 1, a border guard operating in the Goytapa border detachment near Imishli region’s Aranli village detected traces of a state border breach from Iran to Azerbaijan. The area was immediately cordoned off.

As a result of a border search and operational measures, a suspect – Jalilabad resident Abbaszada Faraj (20), hiding in the bushes along the border, was detained. During the inspection of the package taken from him, 3,348 grams of drugs (2,800 grams of heroin, 520 grams of methamphetamine, and 28 grams of marijuana) were seized.

In the same vein, information was received about the state border violation in the Lankaran border detachment’s service area near Astara’s Zungulash village at about 2300 on May 31.

The area was blocked, the border strip and control devices were inspected, and footprints belonging to one individual were discovered; local law enforcement agencies were notified, and a border search was initiated.

As a result of search measures, Astara resident Imamaliyev Gunduz (29) was detained in the forest. During the investigation, it was established that Imamaliyev, who had been convicted several times before, violated the state border in order to smuggle drugs from Iran into Azerbaijan.

During the search of the area, where Imamaliyev was detained with the involvement of service dogs, one bag hidden by him in the bushes was discovered. During the inspection overall 7,7 kg of drugs (2,149 grams heroin, 2,265 grams marijuana, 2,039 grams opium, 1,295 grams methamphetamine), as well as 976 psychotropic methadone-40 pills, and a hunting knife were confiscated.

Furthermore, on June 8, around 0010, a border guard in the service area of the Lankaran border detachment’s border post near Astara’s Alasha village spotted an unknown individual, who approached the engineering barrier and immediately retreated to the Iran-Azerbaijan border.

The area was closed and taken under control. As a result of operational measures, at 0050, near the 13th kilometer of the Alat-Astara highway, in the border region, the suspicious actions of a person, who got out of a car and grabbed an unknown object beneath a road sign attracted the attention of border guards.

The suspect was apprehended while attempting to flee the scene after failing to heed the border guard’s “stop” instruction.

During the search, 403 grams of heroin and 2,980 psychotropic methadone-40 pills were seized from Lankaran resident Aghayev Kanan (40).

Investigative measures are underway, the state agency said.

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