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BP launches digital library to mark Azerbaijani university’s centennial


A modern digital library to the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University has been presented by BP in connection with the university’s centenary celebrations.

The library will enable the university to provide remote and instant access to about 700,000 digitized copies of books, educational materials, and other content allowing its users to perform sophisticated search operations as well as share content with others.

The digital repository of knowledge will benefit some 11,000 students and the teaching staff of the university.

The new facility also includes all necessary physical infrastructure required for the effective functioning of the library system.  It uses an electronic tool that will help the university improve its library management processes.

BP’s vice president for the Caspian region, communications, and advocacy Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli expressed hope that the launch of the digital library will support the university’s efforts to raise the quality of education serving as an easily accessible source of a wealth of learning, teaching and research content.

“We are pleased to join the 100th-anniversary celebrations of Azerbaijan’s oldest and most prestigious pedagogical university. We believe this modern digital facility will also boost scientific research activities of both students and teachers raising the quality of research works at the university,” stated the vice president.

The total cost of the project is around 421,000 AZN ($247,65) and it covers the development of the necessary software to enable the library’s digital operation, the establishment of an effective inventory management process, and installation of the required physical infrastructure.

A reminder that BP has been present in Azerbaijan for 30 years, operating major oil and gas exploration, development, and transportation projects. To date, together with its co-venturers, BP has invested around $84 billion into projects it operates in the country.

In Azerbaijan, BP directly employs around 2,270 Azerbaijani citizens who make up over 90 percent of the company’s professional staff.

By Sabina Mammadli

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