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Ganja carpet school

carpet school

The Ganja carpet making centre is located in the northwest of Azerbaijan and includes Ganja and neighbouring villages, as well as Gadabay, Goranboy, Shamkir and Samukh. The main carpet production center is Ganja.

Since the 10th-11th centuries Ganja has been famous for its silk and woollen textiles and high quality carpets, which were made in numerous local workshops. The Ganja carpet school also had an impact on weaving points around Ganja. Ganja carpets differ from other carpets in Azerbaijan with their patterns, variety of compositions and elegance of contours.

The best examples of Ganja carpets are the ones called “Gadim Ganja” and “Fahkrali”. “Gadim Ganja” is also sometimes called “Ganja-shahar”, “Ganja-buta” or “Butali Ganja”. Carpets of the “Fakhrali” type were usually woven in small sizes and used mainly as prayer rugs (namazlig).

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