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Georgia reduces import of medicaments from Turkey

Georgia and Turkey

Georgia imported 248.7 tons of medicaments in measured dose, totaling $19.9 million from Turkey from January through May 2020, Trend reports referring to National Statistics Office (Geostat).

On an annualized basis, Georgia decreased the medicaments’ import from Turkey by 369.8 tons.

Over the same period last year, 618.5 tons of medicaments put up in measured doses were imported by Georgia from Turkey for a total amount of $39 million.

Turkey ranked first in Georgia’s commodity circulation in the reporting period.

From January through May 2020, total imports from Turkey to Georgia amounted to $478.8 million. In turn, Georgia exported goods worth $81.7 million to Turkey.

The foreign trade turnover of Georgia with Turkey in the reporting period exceeded $560.5 million, which is 13.3 percent of Georgia’s total trade turnover.

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