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ICESCO issues appeal on World Refugee Day


Every year on June 20, the global community celebrates World Refugee Day. In 2024, this significant day is observed under the theme “For a world where refugees are welcomed with dignity”.

Azernews reports that the appeal issued by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) emphasizes the importance of solidarity with people forced to leave their countries. The organization notes that its projects aim to promote solidarity and support for refugees’ rights to safety, dignity, and social inclusion in order to help them realize their dreams.

The appeal reads: “ICESCO takes this opportunity to call on the international community to work together in support of this category of people worldwide, stressing that more solidarity and humanitarian efforts are needed, focusing on the social, economic, and cultural dimensions, to ensure that every refugee enjoys their basic rights.” The organization also strives to protect the dignity of these vulnerable groups by providing them with fair and comprehensive education and employment opportunities that match their skills.

In this context, ICESCO launched the “Medical and Social Education Caravans” initiative aimed at providing basic social and medical assistance within and outside the Islamic world, especially in rural and remote areas. For example, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, assistance was provided to Palestinian refugees through caravans, mobile medical services, and community outreach programs. The caravan offered medical advice, examinations, vaccinations, and essential medicines to vulnerable groups.

In addition to medical support, ICESCO emphasized the key role of education in reducing poverty and supporting refugees. In this regard, the organization has started a scholarship program for students from vulnerable groups, giving them the opportunity to pursue higher education and build a brighter future.

The appeal concludes: “On World Refugee Day, ICESCO reaffirms its commitment to help build a future where everyone, including the most vulnerable, can achieve success and prosperity. It calls for joint efforts to end the suffering of refugees and honor their resilience and courage.”

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