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Ilham Aliyev: Missile attack on Ganja manifestation of Armenian fascism

Ilham Aliyev

President Ilham Aliyev has said that Armenia’s recent attack on civilians in Azerbaijan’s Ganja city using “Tochka-U” missiles is another manifestation of  Armenian fascism.

Aliyev made the remarks in an interview with Turkish Haber Global TV channel on October 12.

Ten civilians were killed and dozens others were injured when Armenian forces launched a missile attack on Ganja, Azerbaijan’s second largest city that is located far from the conflict zone.

President Aliyev described the attack on Ganja as a crime against humanity, saying that this crime once again has shown that “the Armenian state is a state of terror, a fascist state”.

“Armenians of the world, Armenia’s supporters, their benefactors and Islamophobic circles will no longer be able to conceal this crime because everything is already obvious. There were statement for the press at the scene yesterday and representatives of foreign embassies who are visiting the site today see everything with their own eyes. Once again, they see who is causing this conflict, who pursues an aggressive policy, who is committing crimes against the civilian population.”

Aliyev said that despite the barbaric shelling of civilians in Ganja, hours after the humanitarian truce entered force, Azerbaijan is showing patience.

“After such a barbaric shelling of Ganja, every Azerbaijani is outraged and an adequate response is required. But we are giving an answer on the battlefield. We avenged yesterday’s victims on the battlefield. Our attitude is this: we have never fought and are not fighting civilians. This is one of the qualities that distinguish Azerbaijan from Armenia,” the president said.

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