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Israel launches national plan to integrate hydrogen into energy landscape


Israel launched a comprehensive national plan to integrate hydrogen into the country’s energy landscape, the Israeli Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure said in a statement on Monday, Azernews reports citing Xinhua.

The plan is part of the ministry’s target for a low-carbon energy economy until 2050, with hydrogen having a wide variety of uses for transportation, industry, electricity, and storage.

The multi-year plan includes the promotion of research and development (R&D), regional hydrogen valleys, and other infrastructure, the introduction of flexible regulation for integrating hydrogen into the energy sector, and the integration into the global hydrogen community.

R&D and demonstration projects will provide solutions to major challenges in the field of hydrogen, such as the high costs, logistical and safety issues, and the efficiency of the cycle of production, storage, and use, the ministry noted.

The hydrogen valleys will cover a significant part of the hydrogen value chain, from production technologies, through storage and transportation to the final use in industry, transportation, and energy sectors, it added.

The promotion of infrastructure will include the setup of dedicated fueling stations, encouraging regional production of green hydrogen, establishing underground hydrogen storage, and testing the feasibility of transporting hydrogen in natural gas pipelines.

International collaborations will help develop technologies and reduce costs in the hydrogen value chain, create new trade relations, and diversify available energy sources.

The ministry estimated that hydrogen demand for electricity, heavy transportation, industry, aviation, and shipping in Israel in 2050 could reach up to 5.2 million tonnes.

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