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Israeli expert emphasizes need to suppress any attempts of Armenia to appropriate Azerbaijani culture

Natavan Rashidova-Katsman

It is necessary to suppress any attempts by Armenia to distort the truth and their appropriation of Azerbaijani culture. Israeli expert, lawyer, mediator, diplomat, and public figure Natavan Rashidova-Katsman told Trend.

According to the expert, the cultural heritage is the DNA of the nation, it is the roots that connect the Azerbaijani people with a certain territory in which they have lived since ancient times.

“The cultural heritage directly testifies to who exactly lived and worked in this territory for millennia and to which people this land really belongs,” said Rashidova-Katsman.

“A layer of culture, especially one as rich as the Azerbaijani one, is very difficult to ignore, it must be reckoned with. It establishes the facts and uncompromisingly points to the Azerbaijani people as the only rightful owner. This fact is extremely frustrating and perplexing for some Armenian and pro-Armenian forces, whose goal is to take every opportunity to seize as much land as possible and destroy, erase the traces of the Turks from them,” she noted.

“In pursuit of these vile goals, Armenian criminals did not disdain anything, and the countless atrocities of Armenia are proof of this, namely: endless attempts and traces of illegal seizure of lands, pastures and houses of Azerbaijanis from the very moment of the appearance of Armenia in the South Caucasus as a result of their resettlement to the region near 200 years ago; raids, massacres and genocides in Khojaly, Meshali and other settlements of Azerbaijan; Armenian terrorism, including terrorist attacks on subways, buses and crowded places; discharge of nuclear waste into water bodies; overlapping of water sources; forest fires and extermination of animals; mining of territories and explosions; delivery of terrorists from Syria and Lebanon; missile attacks on civilians in Ganja, Barda and other cities and numerous civilian casualties; constant provocations at the border; destruction of any cultural monuments of Azerbaijan, including those located abroad, such as the Natavan monument in Sweden, which became the target of Armenian vandalism. Even the graves of Azerbaijanis haunt Armenian criminals: they have been plundered, and the bodies in them have been brutally destroyed,” Rashidova-Katsman said.

She also noted that the terrorist activity of Armenia continues to this day, even after the end of the war and the complete defeat of Armenia.

The expert reminded that Armenia has not yet transferred the maps of minefields to Azerbaijan so that Azerbaijanis continue to die from mine explosions, and also continues subversive activities in the liberated Azerbaijani lands.

However, terrorist groups are instantly eliminated, and this will be the case with everyone who encroaches on the sovereignty of Azerbaijan, the security of its citizens and the energy security of the region, she said.

“Studying the heritage of Azerbaijan, it becomes obvious who is the owner of these lands, and who is the newcomers. And, of course, Azerbaijani folk music, including mugham, folk instruments, folk dances, carpet weaving, fine arts, poetry, national cuisine, classical music, including opera, ballet, numerous instrumental works, architectural monuments, mosques, numerous natural resources of Azerbaijan – fertile lands, reservoirs, climate, favorable geographical position, minerals – all this causes not only admiration but also strong envy of enemies. All the more, the Armenian forces envy and encroach on this heritage, since the newly arrived nomadic Armenian people, who do not have all this, want to show that they are “ancient”. Therefore, in an attempt to take root in a foreign land, Armenia stops at nothing, resorting to any vileness and crime. Their goal is the same – to seize the land, come up with “proofs” of its belonging to Armenia and fabricate elements of the “antiquity” of the Armenian people,” the Israeli lawyer stressed.

“Thus, any attempts by Armenians to distort the truth and their encroachment on Azerbaijani culture should be suppressed. The Armenian authorities mislead both their people and the world community, but it is impossible to erase the traces of the Azerbaijani people from their land, this task is too unbearable, just as it will not be possible to break the spirit of Azerbaijan and its power. Through endless lies and terrorism, the Armenian forces are leading their country into a humiliating abyss of crime, shame, and poverty. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan is flourishing, developing and gaining strength every day. Armenia should take the path of constructive cooperation, good-neighborly relations, otherwise, there is a real threat to its statehood. After all, in the end, you can assign anything, but this has its own price. And you can’t take over intelligence, humanity, and culture,” added the expert.

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