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Karabakh Princess dress stuns fashionistas

faxriya xalafova

Famous fashion designer, Honored Art Worker Fakhriya Khalafova has presented her collection at Azerbaijan Fashion Week 2021. The runway show “Karabakh Princess” was very well received by fashionistas.

The collection featured 15 outfits for the spring-summer 2022 season, with multiple rose prints, known as the designer’s signature touch.

Karabakh Princess Dress

Sophisticated dress inspired by Azerbaijani poetess Agha Beyim Aga, a daughter of the second khan of Karabakh Ibrahim Khalil khan, instantly won the hearts of fashionistas.

The outfit reflected the silhouette, ornaments and fabrics common for Karabakh women’s clothes. The image was complemented by a gorgeous silk scarf kelaghayi.

“A wonderful story is connected with the name of Agha Beyim Aga. The Iranian ruler Fath-Ali Shah built a luxurious palace as a sign of love for his spouse. One fine day, Agha Beyim Aga asked her husband to lay a garden in the palace similar to those of Shusha’s palaces, so that it could warm her heart, which longed for her homeland, Shusha. Many talented gardeners from Shusha have planted all kinds of trees, shrubs and flowers growing in Karabakh in this garden. The magnificent garden was named “Garden of the homeland”. All the plants brought from Karabakh were grafted there,except Khari Bulbul, known as the most dear flower to Shusha residents,”  Fakhriya Khalafova told Trend Life.

“This inspired Agha Beyim Aga to write deep poems full of sorrow and homesickness. The song called “Sari Bulbul” is still popular in Azerbaijan. This composition was used as a musical accompaniment in a modern interpretation performed by People’s Artist Malakhanum Ayyubova, Khanum Ayyubova and singer Ramal Israfilov,” she added.

The runway show featured video installations of Karabakh and the fashion design process.

Khari Bulbul Print Dress

For the first time, Fakhriya Khalafova designed a stunning Khari Bulbul print for a silk dress. The beautiful gown was shown on the end of the defile.

Speaking about her fashion idea, Fakhriya Khalafova noted that Khari Bulbul flower is inextricably linked with Shusha and Karabakh. It is a symbol of love and peace, a real talisman of Azerbaijan, a national symbol of Victory in the 44-day Patriotic War.

The designer dedicated her fashion project to the two major historical events in the history of Azerbaijan: first anniversary of Victory Day and the declaration of the city of Shusha as Azerbaijan’s cultural capital.

“Flowers are the most relevant and timeless print for spring-summer wardrobe. There is nothing more organic and appropriate for a summer wardrobe than a classic floral print. Surprisingly, it does not get old despite being among top fashion trends for a long time. The reason for such a long popularity is simple: now on the catwalks you can find so many different floral colors that we have long lost count. Fantasy and abstract, small and subtle, large and detailed, similar to the still lifes of great artists.Fashion designers will never get tired of being inspired by flowers, “she added.

At the end of the runway show, the fashionistas were delighted with Khari Bulbul print dress and elegant gown symbolizing the flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Azerbaijan Fashion Week 2021 

Azerbaijan Fashion Week 2021 was held at Hilton Baku Hotel, bringing together fashion designers from Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Two years have passed since the 10th season of Azerbaijan Fashion Week, which has traditionally been held since 2015.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has made serious adjustments to the holding of public events.

The year 2020 entered the history of Azerbaijan as the country’s territories were liberated from the almost three-decades of the Armenian occupation.

So, the 11th season of the fashion week was held under the motto “Return” to celebrate Azerbaijan’s victory in the 2020 Patriotic War.

Khari Bulbul, an endemic flower growing in Karabakh, became the symbol of the fashion season.

Besides the fashion shows, AFW showrooms were available for the guests.

The showrooms allow boutique owners, buyers, media representatives and guests of the fashion week to communicate with designers, discover new names and find something new for their wardrobe.

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