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Karabakh to become economic miracle very soon, says Ukrainian expert

Alexander Merezhko

The restoration of the Azerbaijani lands liberated from the Armenian occupation will give an impetus to develop the country’s economy, Ukrainian scientist, Doctor of Law, Professor Alexander Merezhko told Trend.

“I have heard many times from my Azerbaijani colleagues about the beauty of the nature of Karabakh, and I think that soon the whole world will be able to make sure of this. However, before this happens, Azerbaijan will need to invest big funds and efforts in the restoration of the region destroyed during the occupation. Despite this, I am sure that very soon we will witness a new economic miracle associated with the rapid recovery of the economy and culture of this region,” said the Ukrainian expert.

He noted that Azerbaijan is striving for peaceful cooperation, not for confrontation with other countries.

“Azerbaijan has always been characterized by cultural and ethnic diversity, that is, what is now commonly called multiculturalism. As I see it, this is due to the history of the Azerbaijani people, who lived peacefully with different peoples, and who are alien to chauvinism or aggressive nationalism. The experience of multiculturalism, that is, the respectful attitude of the Azerbaijani people to other peoples and cultures, is undoubtedly useful in terms of creating the foreign policy of Azerbaijan and its interaction with other states,” he said.

Azerbaijan respects the rights of other states and peoples, strives for peaceful relations with them and mutually beneficial cooperation, Merezhko added.

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