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Leyla Aliyeva: moments of life

Leyla Aliyeva

Birthday anniversary is always a reason to look back on the path traveled. One can’t help admiring the path traveled by Leyla Aliyeva. Even a century would not be enough for many to do what this fragile lady has done for her country. It is amazing how many things she manages to combine – magnificent cultural projects thanks to which the world is learning about the rich spiritual world and unique art of Azerbaijan, the large-scale charity activities, the environmental projects enabling preservation of the country’s natural diversity and protection of its endangered animals. The “Justice for Khojaly!” campaign initiated by Leyla Aliyeva has attracted the world’s attention to the bleeding wound of Azerbaijan – the Khojaly genocide. As a result of this activity, a number of countries have recognized this tragedy as an act of genocide. In all these undertakings and initiatives, Leyla Aliyeva has been the brain center and the key driving force.

There is a saying that a talented person is talented in everything. And this is fully confirmed in the example of Leyla Aliyeva. She is someone with the soul of a poet and an artist. Her poems and drawings speak volumes of her innate talent. She is the leader of youth, which in many respects forms the image of the modern generation of young Azerbaijanis, a person who infinitely loves her country and proves that not in words but in concrete deeds, a wonderful daughter and mother… This is all about one person – Leyla Aliyeva.

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