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Kidney bean soup – Lobya soyutmasi

Lobya soyutmasi - Kidney bean soup
Bean soyutma is a cross between a thick soup and a serving of beans. It makes a delicious winter warmer but can be served at any time of year.

In Azerbaijani cuisine, the term soyutma refers to any dish that has been boiled in water.

Preparation time: 20 mins
Cooking time: 90 mins
Serves: 3-4


  • 200 g/8 oz dried red kidney beans
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • 2-3 cloves garlic
  • salt & pepper
  • a bunch of coriander


  • Cover the dried beans with cold water and soak overnight in a cool place.
  • Discard the soaking water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Put the beans in a pan and cover with cold water up to 2 inches above the level of the beans.
  • Bring to a rapid boil for 5 minutes, then leave to simmer for 60 to 90 minutes until the beans are tender. Keep the pan partially covered and skim off any scum that may form on the surface of the water.
  • When the beans are cooked, mash them partially in the pan. Partial mashing creates a better texture for the soup.
  • Add the crushed garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper to the beans and mix well. Bring back to the boil and make sure the soup is heated through.
  • Garnish with chopped coriander.

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